How Auto Maintenance Saves You Money

auto adviceIt’s said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that goes for auto service and repair. It’s no exaggeration that $100 of preventative auto maintenance could save you $1,000 in auto repairs. Think avoidable transmission failure. By caring for your car, truck or SUV with timely vehicle maintenance you can prevent costly auto repairs and possibly being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous auto repair shop.

Brake Inspections

Your brake pads wear out during the course of everyday driving. Some auto repair and service shops offer visual brake inspections with oil changes, and they’ll tell you how much wear your brake pads have and how much longer they’ll be effective before they should be replaced.

When brake pads wear out, they grind against the rotors or drums, causing damage. As this damage worsens, the cost of repair goes up as additional components like rotors or calipers must be machined or replaced. Replacing brake pads or brake shoes before they wear out completely saves you money by preventing more costly brake repair, and reduces the risk of an accident caused by brake failure.

Oil Change Service

Your engine needs the correct level of clean oil to operate efficiently, and if you let the oil run too low or wait too long to change it, you can seize and destroy your engine. Expensive auto repairs can be easily prevented with routine auto maintenance and regular oil changes.

Many Other Auto Maintenance Services

Costly auto repairs can be avoided with quality tune-ups, fuel injection service, combustion chamber cleaning, transmission service, belt and hose replacement and more. Owner’s manuals outline how often these maintenance services should be performed, and a good local auto technician can look up specific maintenance schedules for your vehicle on their computer system.

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Avoid Costly Auto Repair with Regular Auto Maintenance

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