5 Car Mods for High-Performance vehicles

NW_ALL_AUTO_4You don’t have to be a Fast and Furious fan to appreciate a good muscle car. If you have a need for speed, then improve your car’s performance with these car mods. These upgrades will turn your existing vehicle into a speed devil.

1. Cold Air Intake Kit

A cold air intake kit pulls cold air into the engine. Cold air is better for the engine than warm air. This is because the former is denser and contains more oxygen. More oxygen means more combustion; greater combustion translates to more power.

2. Sway Bars

Cars naturally tilt a little when turning. This slows the vehicle down a bit. Sway bars can be modified to help your vehicle remain level when turning. Even if your car has an existing sway bar, it may still need to be upgraded for improved performance.

3. Big Spoilers

Aside from looking cool, large spoilers increase aerodynamics by improving downforce at high speeds.

4. High Performance Shocks

Everett has some pretty rough roads and potholes. This can take a toll on your car especially when traversing rough surfaces at high speeds. High performance shocks in themselves don’t improve speed, but they do give you an additional layer of protection. This is one component that should always be inspected for auto servicing and maintenance.

5. Performance Seats

How do race car style driving seats improve performance? The seats provide better body support, thereby enabling you to improve your steering and pedal handling. Plus, the seats greatly enhance the interior if you’re aiming for a race car look and feel.

Let Us Make the Modifications

Contact NW Performance and Off-Road to have your car upgraded. Our auto repair center also provides modifications for high-performance cars. Car mods are part of what we do for Everett car hobbyists.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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