How to Get Your Car Unstuck from Mud

nw-all-autoEven the sturdiest off-road vehicles can get trapped in mud or snow. In the worst case scenario, this may mean having to call tow services, which will effectively put a damper on your trip. Here are a few tips any driver can apply to get their car unstuck from mud.

What Not to Do When Your Car is Stuck in Mud

The instinctive reaction is to press down hard on the gas pedal; this is a wasted effort. On top of that, this will also cause a mud buildup in the car’s undercarriage. This can cause damage that will require professional servicing from an auto repair crew.

When a car becomes stuck in mud, the tires lose traction. The goal, therefore, is to regain traction. Contrary to popular belief, increasing the tire’s speed does not improve traction.

How to Get your Car Out of the Mud

Here’s what you need to do: dig out some of the mud in front of the power wheels. The power wheels are the tires that receive power from the transmission (i.e. front tires for a front-wheel-drive vehicle). Once you have created some space, wedge a coat or blanket under the tires. This gives the tires something to “grip” on. Alternatively, you can also use cat-litter, sand or even sticks in front of the tires to get the same effects.

From here, give the car a bit of acceleration but not too much. If driving a manual, then start from second gear. If this doesn’t work, then lightly rock the car back and forth by alternating between drive and reverse.

If you have plans to drive under muddy or snowy conditions, then be prepared. You should bring equipment like a shovel and the items listed above for giving the tires a grip.

Getting Your Car Unstuck from Mud Is a Piece of Cake


Bring your off-road vehicle to NW Performance and Off-Road for a scheduled auto maintenance before heading out for your off-road adventure. Getting your car unstuck from mud is only one of many potential problems, which is why it’s imperative that your vehicle is primed for high performance.
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