Does Your Car Need a Racing Harness?

NW-All-Auto-Repair-6Do you occasionally take your performance car on the track? Are you an off-roader? If so, then you know that safety is paramount. Your vehicle’s stock safety features may not be enough. For added protection in the event of an impact, you may want to consider a racing harness.

What Does a Racing Harness Do?

Racing harnesses perform the same function as seat belts. In an impact, they secure your body in place and transfer the momentum of your body to the car’s chassis. The harness, though, is much thicker and has straps that go over both shoulders. This helps spread some of the pressure across the driver’s chest, shoulders, and other stronger parts of the body.

Do You Need a Racing Harness?

If your car is heavily modified and frequently tested on the race track, then the answer is a resounding “yes.” On top of that, you will also need a roll cage installed and the seats replaced with a non-adjustable, fixed-back racing seat. A combination of these modifications will ensure the greatest amount of protection in the event of a collision and/or rollover.

One last point to keep in mind is that harnesses are intended for the race track and not for daily commuting. Harnesses, in fact, are not certified under the US Department of Transportation. This means you can be fined if you’re pulled over by an unsympathetic police officer.

Harnesses Need to Be Installed by a Professional

Harnesses offer little protection if they’re not installed properly. With that in mind, don’t even think about installing them yourself. Contact NW Performance and Off-Road for auto maintenance, which includes modifications for high-performance vehicles. Aside from basic auto repairs, we routinely transform cars into speed demons. As such, we also implement the necessary safety equipment, racing harnesses included.
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