Spoiler Vs. Wing: Is There a Difference?

Spoiler Vs WingThe terms “spoiler” and “wing” are often used interchangeably even though there’s a difference. High-performance car owners may want to add one of these to their vehicle at some point. Aside from aesthetics, both can also improve performance. Learn how a spoiler and wing differ before getting your performance car modded.

Spoiler and Wing Difference Explained

First, it helps to know how the two differ in appearance. Click here to see what a spoiler looks Like. By contrast, click here to see what a wing is.

Benefits of Spoilers

Spoilers are intended to inhibit air movement that can disrupt the movement of the vehicle in motion. The main purpose is to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency. The presence of a spoiler in the rear changes the outline of the car where the roof and trunk meet. This reduces turbulence in the rear of the car.

Many car owners, though, install them purely for aesthetic reasons. Many spoilers, in fact, are improperly designed and offer very little aerodynamic benefit.

Benefits of Wings

A wing also acts as an aerodynamic device. It’s the more favored of the two options for motorists actually looking to improve performance rather than aesthetics. Its benefits also differ depending on the type of vehicle. For a front-wheel drive car, a wing can help reduce oversteering. For a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, this increases drag, which increases speed during turns. This, however, comes at the slight expense of overall top speed.

We Can Add Either to Your Car


Want to modify your car? Bring it to NW Performance and Off-Road to get it modified. Aside from basic auto repairs, we also specialize in an assortment of off-road and performance racing add-ons. Check out our gallery to see how we turn ordinary cars into improved 2.0 versions. We will add a spoiler or wing to your vehicle to boost its performance capability and appeal.
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