The History of the Roll Cage

Roll CageHere’s a fun fact: the first roll cages were improvised from bed frames. Indeed, roll cages have come a long way since then; their inclusion in race cars and other performance vehicles have saved lives and mitigated injuries. The history of the roll cage began in the 1950s and continues to this day.

Roll Cage History and Timeline

The first roll bars were used in NASCAR race cars in 1952, though they weren’t a requirement. Many racers, in fact, elected not to install them. Roll cages became a sensation that same year when racer Tim Flock won the Modified-Sportsman race. His victory, unfortunately, was short lived because he was disqualified when officials discovered that his roll cage was constructed from wood. After that race teams began looking for sturdier material; and that’s when they turned to bed frames.

By the 60s, roll cages were vastly improved. Not only did it become a critical component of the car, it also helped strengthen the chassis, thus improving safety and handling. The structure of the cage also improved when engineers utilized triangular bars that extended from front to back. The frame was also connected to the doors to offer additional protection to the driver.

The Modern Roll Cage

Today roll cages are mandatory and must meet stringent requirements. They must be constructed to certain dimensions and can only be one certain color. This is why it should only be installed by a professional auto service and maintenance crew.

It should also be noted that the roll cage is just one of three parts that constituting the overall frame. The other two sections include the rear and front clips. NW Performance and Off-Road can install a roll cage and clips that meets NASCAR requirements. If you intend to test your car on the track, then leave it to us to install a frame that meets regulations.

The roll cage is very much an integral part of NASCAR history. This is why we are proud to include the installation as part of our auto repairs and modifications.

Full Roll Cage and Frame Installation

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Edited by Justin Vorhees