The Benefits of a Lowered Car Suspension

Lowered Suspension │ Everett │ NW Performance and Off RoadA lowered car suspension is iconic for high-performance vehicles. Aside from looking cool, having a suspension just a few inches off the floor also enhances performance. Unfortunately, if lowered incorrectly, it can have a few drawbacks as well. This is why the modification should always be done by an auto service & maintenance company.

How a Lowered Car Suspension Benefits Performance

Many of our clients have requested to have the suspension lowered simply because they believe all performance cars are supposed to be that way. They may know that it enhances performance in some way but don’t know the science behind it.

A lowered suspension increases aerodynamics. It improves wind drag since there is less air passing underneath the car. This increases air pressure above the car which causes the tires to grip the road more firmly, thus improving handling.

From a safety standpoint, a lowered suspension also means a lower center of gravity. This reduces the risk of a rollover.

Potential Drawbacks

If lowered improperly, the suspension can also create a few problems. If lowered too much, for instance, it can increase risk of the vehicle bottoming out. This is typically the case when the car hits a speed bump or pot hole. This especially puts the exhaust system and oil pan at risk of damage. An improper lowering can also cause elements of the suspension to interfere with other parts, such as the sidewalls of the tires and anti-lock brake apparatus.

Lower Your Suspension the Right Way

With the availability of lowered suspension kits on the market, more car owners are lowering their own vehicles. Keep in mind that this is a task requiring extreme precision. Done incorrectly you will put your car at risk

Want to lower your suspension? Leave the task to Northwest Performance and Off-Road. Our auto repair shop has years of experience modifying performance cars. This includes parts modifications, add-ons, and of course, lowering the car suspension.

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