The Benefits of Upsizing Your Wheels

Upsizing Your WheelsMany of our clients have enquired about upsizing their wheels for their street performance cars. Should you do it? What are the benefits? As with any type of vehicle mod, there are pros and cons, though the latter can be minimized by having the changes made by a reputable auto servicing and maintenance crew.

Wheel Upsizing Explained

Upsizing your wheels essentially means increasing the diameter of the wheel while reducing the thickness of the tire. A normal wheel is about 14 to 15 inches in diameter. Upsizing increases the diameter by one to two inches.

Click here for a visual representation of a regular tire versus two other wheels upsized at different levels. Notice that the overall diameter remains the same.

The Benefits

Wheel upsizing improves overall handling. It also improves response and keeps the tire tread square to the road. The decreased height of the tire side wall also means less tire sway and roll. The end result is more stability and cornering ability.

Finally, there is also an aesthetic benefit. Some people think wheel upsizing is complementary with other mods, such as adding a spoiler and lowering the vehicle.

The Drawbacks

Unfortunately, a decreased tire sidewall also means a loss of suspension. This will increase the impact of road bumps and potholes, thereby decreasing overall ride comfort. Since the tires are thinner and have less rubber cushion, they are also more susceptible to damage. It’s also possible to get an inaccurate odometer reading after upsizing. This is due to the fact that tires turn at a different speed than before.

Employ a Professional to Upsize Your Wheels

Contact NW Performance and Off-Road to have your wheels upsized the correct way. This will drastically mitigate any potential problems. We have years of experience upsizing wheels for high performance and off-road vehicles.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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