The Advantages of a Customized Car Exhaust System

Customized Car Exhaust SystemModding a high-performance car has just as much to do with horsepower and torque as it does with aesthetics. Even street performance vehicles don’t usually come with an exhaust system optimized to their limits. This is why many muscle car owners come to our auto service and maintenance crew for a customized car exhaust system. How does having this component upgrade benefit your vehicle?

Why Install a Customized Car Exhaust System?

Simply put, an aftermarket exhaust system optimizes engine performance. It provides a quicker exit pathway for the exhaust gases. This gives the engine more “breathing space.” This allows for more fuel and air to be burned in the engine, creating more power.

Most car owners also appreciate the increased volume of the exhaust note. This is essentially the deepening of the “growl” that acceleration makes. The more aggressive growl is a perfect match for the increased performance. Plus, it draws heads and adds to the coolness factor of your car.

In addition, most custom exhausts are made from stainless or aluminized steel. Most stock exhaust pipes, by contrast, are made from inexpensive mild steel, which is subject to deterioration over time.

We Recommend a Mandrel-Bend Exhaust

Most factory-made exhausts use a crush-bend design with crinkles in the pipe. This decreases the diameter and slows the flow of the exhaust gas. A mandrel-bend, by contrast, is smooth. The diameter remains constant throughout the length of the pipe, thus optimizing airflow.

The diameter of the pipe also needs to be the right size. A piping that’s too big can adversely affect performance. If, on the other hand, your car uses a turbocharger or supercharger, then a pipe diameter much larger than the standard stock exhaust may be beneficial.

Boost Your Car’s Performance and Its Roar

Contact NW Performance and Off-Road to upgrade your car with a better exhaust. This will turn your vehicle into a 2.0 version of itself. Keep in mind that a customized car exhaust is also suitable for off-road vehicles.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Customized Exhaust for Optimal Engine Performance

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