Upgrade Your Manual Car with a Short Throw Shifter

short throw shifterManual cars are becoming a dying breed. Some car purists, though, consider the driving experience incomplete if they’re not driving a stick shift. If you’re among the minority which owns a manual car, you may want to modify it by installing a short throw shifter.

What Is a Short Throw Shifter?

In a manual car, the throw refers to the distance the shifter travels between gears. A short throw shifter reduces that length of travel. This provides smoother and quicker shifting, leading to improved acceleration and deceleration times.

A short throw shifter is a common add-on for street-performance cars driven on racetracks. Reduced shift times mean better lap times, even if only by fractions of a second. Many drivers have also reported tighter and more controlled shifting after making the modifications.

While short throw shifters are most common for sports and race cars, several of our clients have also requested a short throw shifter for their off-road vehicle. After the switch, they have reported a less jerky sensation when shifting gears on rough off-road terrain.

Is a Short Throw Shifter Right for You?

Short throw shifters do make the car slightly more difficult to operate smoothly. The modification is not recommended unless driving a manual vehicle is completely second nature to you.

Customizing the Shifter

People who switch over to a short throw shifter also usually customize their shift knob in the process. Retro knobs are popular for 60s to 80s-style muscle cars. Billet T-handles are another favored choice.

We’ll Modify Your Manual Car

Take your car to NW Performance and Off-Road for a new customized shifter. Our auto repair crew can also replace your stock manual shifter if it’s experiencing shifting troubles. If you’re a racing enthusiast, a short throw shifter will make you more competitive on and off the track.

Customized Manual Shifters for Improved Acceleration

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