Dual Tires for Heavy-Duty Trucks

dual tiresDual tires—having two tires side-by-side—are common among big rigs, RVs, commercial fleet trucks, and some off-road vehicles. They are also becoming popular for civilian heavy-duty pickup trucks. If you typically transport a heavy load on your cargo bed, then you may want to consider dual tires for your vehicle.

The Purpose of Dual Tires

Dual tires increase payload capacity and help maintain vehicle maneuverability. Two tires on a single axle double the weight the axle is able to carry. The additional tires can also keep the vehicle operable in the event one goes flat.

Tire Maintenance Is a Must

Tire maintenance is extremely important for dual tires. In 2003, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration performed an extensive roadside inspection on vehicles with dual tires. Its findings were shocking: only 20% of the tires checked were within 5 psi of the one next to it. This can prematurely wear the tires due to scrubbing damage and overloading.

When dual tires are of different circumference due to different psi, the larger tire will drag the smaller tire, causing it to scrub along the pavement. Scrubbing is detrimental to a tire’s tread. In fact, a diameter difference of just 5/16 of an inch is enough to cause tire scrubbing.

The bigger tire takes a hit as well since it has to bear a disproportionate share of the weight. This wears the tread and it stresses the tire walls.

The data varies, but one estimate suggests that mismatched tires can reduce tread life by about 20%.

It’s also vital that dual tires are properly rotated at periodic intervals by an auto service and maintenance crew. The rotation pattern differs for vehicles with rear dual tires and single front ones.

We Service Dual Tire Assemblies

Bring your vehicle to Northwest Performance and Off Road if you want to enhance it with dual tires. We service dual tire assemblies mainly for heavy-duty trucks, but we’ve also had clients request it for their street performance vehicles.

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Dual Tire Installation and Maintenance

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