Does Your Performance Car Need a Hood Scoop?

hood scoopYou may have seen a hood scoop on some performance car models. They’re especially a common add-on for the Ford Mustang and other pony cars. In case you don’t know, a hood scoop is essentially a hood with an open vent to give the engine a bit more room to “breathe.”

Engine Creates Heat

First, let’s discuss some engine mechanics. An engine burns fuel, and burning fuel requires oxygen. The engine’s performance depends heavily on the amount of available oxygen from the air. Typically, cool air is denser and more oxygen-heavy than warm air.

The engine generates heat as it’s operates, which warms the surrounding air. The engine’s cramped compartment leaves little room for the heat to escape.

The End Result? Warm air around the engine has less oxygen for the engine to burn fuel at its optimal capacity.

The Role of the Hood Scoop

So how does the hood scoop factor into this? The openings in the hood allow ventilation for the heat to escape. A high-quality hood scoop is designed to allow outside air to pass through the inlet. The design must also have a sealed connection in the intake manifold and air cleaner. This prevents the scoop from drawing warm air under the hood.

Does a Hood Scoop Work?

The short answer is yes. However, for optimal engine performance, we highly recommend adding a hood scoop in conjunction with an aftermarket cold air intake. This combo is the best addition for maximizing engine output.

We Do Hood Scoop Modifications for Street Cars

Our auto services routinely outfit muscle cars with a hood scoop. These hoods are also popular add-ons for off-road SUVs and heavy-duty pickup trucks. In any case, stop by Northwest Performance and Off Road if you want to add a hood scoop for maximum vehicle performance.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Car Hood Modifications for Better Engine Performance

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