Does a Strut Bar Increase Performance?

strut barYou can modify your vehicle with a number of braces, including fender braces, under body braces, and suspension member braces. A strut bar is another add-on car owners often add for their street performance vehicle. Do strut bars increase performance, and if so, how?

How Strut Bars Work

A strut bar is simply a metal rod that connects the left and right strut towers. Supposedly, making this connection reduces chassis flex by reinforcing the frame. The chassis flexes during tight turns, which causes a delayed steering response and reduced cornering ability. For those that race their cars on racetracks, chassis flex is a major problem that affects lap time. A strut bar nullifies this issue to some degree, hence their demand at auto service stations.

Does a Strut Bar Actually Work?

People have debated on auto forums whether strut bars really improve performance. We believe that they don’t actually enhance cornering speed. Rather, they contribute to your ability to handle the vehicle in a sharp turn. This means the car will feel more stable to you and enhance your ability to manage the controls. When a chassis is too loose, the vehicle may feel lacking in grip.

Do You Need One?

We believe strut bars are a useful addition if you routinely race your car on the tracks. However, multiple factors, such as what the bar is made from, how it’s installed, and your own handling ability all determine whether the bar is of any value.

We Install Strut Bars for Performance Cars

Stop by NW Performance and Off Road if you want to avail yourself of every possible advantage on the race tracks. Our auto repair service can make modifications to help your vehicle achieve peak performance. Strut bars may help performance if you’re trying to shave off fractions of a second in your lap time.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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