Which Truck Bed Liner Type Is Best for Your Heavy-Duty Pickup?

Truck Bed LinersA pickup truck is the workhorse of cars. It’s designed for heavy cargo hauling. This means the bed needs to be strong enough to accommodate immense loads. The stock bed liner, though, may not be sturdy enough for this. For daily freight transport, you may need an aftermarket truck bed liner. We’ll explain the two types of liners and which is best for your needs.

Drop-In Truck Bed Liner

As suggested in its name, a drop-in liner is simply a detachable liner that goes over the truck bed. The liner is made from heavy-duty plastic sheeting. Installers simply remove the stock liner and bolt the drop-in liner in place. You have the choice of covering just the floor of the bed or covering the sides as well. This is usually the more affordable option, ranging around $100 to $400.

Some car owners also request custom drop-in-liners for the cargo area of their Jeeps or other off-road vehicles.

Spray-In Liners

With this option, an auto service sprays a polyurethane elastomer coating onto the bed. Spray-in liners typically have a gritty surface, providing a better grip that prevents cargo from sliding. This can also be a drawback, though, because it also makes it harder to slide a heavy item off the bed. A spray-in is also thinner than a drop-in, so it doesn’t add as much bulk to the bed.

While DIY spray-in liner kits are available, we do not recommend spraying in the liner yourself. Various factors, such as temperature or improper spraying technique, can cause uneven distribution of the coating.

We Install Both Types of Truck Bed Liners

Bring your pickup to Northwest Performance and Off Road. Our auto repair technicians can install aftermarket liners to improve your vehicle’s hauling capability. We supply both types of truck bed liners for private and commercial fleet trucks.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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