Five Reversible Car Mods

reversible car modsCar modifications can hurt a vehicle’s resale value. Changes and add-ons are also a no-no for leased automobiles. Nevertheless, some motorists can’t resist beefing up their set of wheels with functional and aesthetic enhancements. If you fall into this category, then consider reversible car mods. This way, you can return the car to its factory condition come time to sell it or return it to the dealership.

Car Mods That Are Reversible

1. Tires

Most auto services and maintenance shops can easily remove aftermarket wheels and replace them with standard rims and tires. This also goes for tires on off-road performance 4-wheelers.

2. Window Tint

Window tints give cars an edgier look. Removing the tint is fairly simple, though it should be done by a professional. DIY removal may leave behind residual adhesive.

3. Switch-Out Parts

Modern vehicles are equipped with navigation systems, premium speakers, and back-up cameras. Car owners may elect to swap out these gizmos with a fancier variant. Hold onto the stock equipment, so you can later install it back in place.

4. Vinyl Wraps

With vinyl wraps, you can add all sorts of cool graphics without altering the paintwork. This can be a small logo for the gasoline cover or decals that cover the entire vehicle. Fortunately, you can easily remove the wraps without leaving behind traces of sticky residue.

5. Plasti-Dip

Plast-Dip is a spray-on substance for parts such as the grille or hubcaps. When the spray hardens, it turns into a rubbery substance with a matte finish. You can peel the rubber away once you wish to return the car to the original look.

We’ll Restore Your Car to Factory Condition

Bring your car to Northwest Performance and Off Road. We can undo certain modifications for street performance and off-road cars. We especially recommend reversible car mods if you anticipate selling the vehicle in the future.

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