Four Top Jeep Wrangler Modifications

Jeep Wrangler modificationsThe Jeep Wrangler is the ultimate off-road vehicle. This is why we service this vehicle often. For greater ability to handle the formidable terrains of the Pacific Northwest you’ll need enhancements. We’ll outline some of the top Jeep Wrangler modifications. Adding these will enhance your first off-road adventure for 2018.

Best Jeep Wrangler Mods

1. Winch

A winch can bail you out of emergencies if traveling with more than one vehicle. If the other vehicle becomes trapped in mud or is rendered inoperable, a winch can save the day. With a winch, you can also be a Good Samaritan if you find a fellow off-roader stranded.

2. Appropriate Tires

We recommend you choose your tires based on the terrain you intend to traverse. Mud and snow tires are good options if you travel through a lot of mud and/or at high altitudes. If the terrain involves bumpy and jagged rocks, then we suggest A/T or M/T tires.

3. Lockers

Some newer Jeep Wranglers offer ‘lockers’ as part of an add-on package. If not, we can add them to your four-wheeler. A ‘locker’ enables tires on an axle to spin at the same rotational speed. This greatly improves traction and is helpful for traversing wet or icy winter roads.

4. Lift Kit

More ground clearance enables the Wrangler to drive over bigger boulders and other obstructions. You can also drive through deeper puddles of water without flooding the floorboards. We can’t tell you the number of times our crew has to perform auto repairs on a rusted undercarriage.

We’ll Beef Up Your Wrangler

Are you planning new off-road adventures for 2018? Before your next big adventure, drop your vehicle off at Northwest Performance and Off Road for auto servicing and accessory enhancements. Jeep Wrangler modifications add a new dimension of ruggedness to an already capable off-road vehicle.

Modifications for Jeeps and Off-Road Vehicles

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