Three Must-Have Aftermarket Car Gauges

aftermarket gaugesGauges monitor different aspects of car performance. If you have existing modifications on your vehicle, aftermarket car gauges help you keep tabs on overall engine performance. Plus, having more gauges just makes the dashboard look cool.

Aftermarket Car Gauges: Our Recommendations

Gauges measure various facets of engine performance, including oil and water temperature, oil pressure, exhaust temperature, and more. Of course, your dash only has so much space. If you can only accommodate two or three gauges, then here are our top three picks for high-performance cars.

1. Oil Pressure Gauge

Oil pressure is absolutely important in cars with a turbocharged engine. Insufficient oil pressure means lack of lubrication, leading to a seized engine. We have performed countless auto repairs on damaged turbocharged engines for this reason.

We recommend digital over an analog oil gauge. The latter requires routing an oil feed line through the cabin.

2. Boost/PSI/Vacuum Gauge

As implied in its name, this gauge monitors boost. Excess boost leads to premature piston failure. A boost gauge also helps diagnose boost leak. Like the oil pressure gauge, we recommend digital over an analog gauge for the same reason. Analog gauges require routing a hose; this can develop inaccurate readings if the hose ruptures.

3. Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge

This gauge is useful for diagnosing exhaust leaks and issues in the powerband after tuning. This gauge provides information for the tuner when making modifications for achieving maximum stoichiometry, or air/gasoline mixture in the combustion chamber.

We Install All Types of Aftermarket Gauges

Aside from being functional instruments, gauges also have a nice cosmetic element to them. They certainly give the dash a high-tech look. Contact Northwest Performance and Off-Road to install additional gauges for your modded muscle car, hot rod, or off-road vehicle. Aftermarket gauges may be invaluable add-ons for cars with performance-boosting modifications.

Aftermarket Gauge Installation

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