Four Non-Street-Legal Car Mods to Avoid

non-street-legal car modsLaws regarding car modifications vary state by state. This is why we only stress using car mods from a reputable auto service and avoiding DIY mods. You may be proud of the self-installed aftermarket part, but that very part just might get you pulled over. We’ll list the most common non-street-legal car mods to stay away from.

Non-Street-Legal Car Modifications

1. Lift Kits

We commonly raise suspensions for off-road vehicles to protect the undercarriage from rough terrain. However, a lift of about 4-inches or so suffices. Some people, though, go to extremes, deciding to lift the car by an insane two or three feet. While Washington has no specific lift law limits, lifts cannot be homemade and anti-sway bars are mandatory.

2. Underbody Neon Lights

Underbody neon lights look cool on street performance cars during nighttime operation. Specifically, laws prohibit rotating blue and red spotlights. However, while most underbody neon lights may technically be legal, they’re discouraged because they resemble lights on a law enforcement vehicle.

3. Super Dark Window Tinting

Be mindful of the tint percentage. Under current Washington law, tinting must have a minimum Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 24%. Laws also exist for reflective material in the tint. The tints cannot be more than 35% reflective for front and back side windows.

4. Nitrous Injection Kit

Nitrous injections are illegal for two reasons. First, it will make your car fail an emissions test. Second, the gas can leak in the event of a collision, making it a safety liability for driver and first responders.

We Know Car Mod Laws

State laws regarding car mods can be complex, and even vague in some instances. This is why you should leave all mods to Northwest Performance and Off Road. We know what constitutes non-street-legal car mods and all the possible grey areas.

Legal and Safe Car Mods

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