Popular Ford Mustang Modifications

Ford Mustang modificationsThe Ford Mustang is a time-honored pony car with origins dating back to the 1960s. Are you the proud owner of a vintage or recent-model Mustang? We’ll discuss some popular Ford Mustang modifications that will give your automobile a street performance and race-car feel.

Our Recommended Ford Mustang Modifications

Tires: Choices are endless with respect to tire selection. Drag wheels are great for a hot rod-style appearance. If you’re aiming more for a modern muscle car vibe, then shoot for mesh or drift-style wheels. Yet another choice is Bullit wheels. This pays homage to the iconic Ford Mustang Bullit from the classic 1968 film Bullit.

Louvers: Do you cherish the look of the 1960s/1970s-era Mustang? Consider adding black louvers to the rear windshield. Side window louvers are available as well. Installation is a snap; we can mount it on your pony in an hour’s time. From a functional perspective, louvers help block sunlight and also prevent onlookers from peering inside.

The Hood: Aesthetics aside, most hoods also provide performance value. Ram air hoods, for instance, enhance performance by shuttling cold air straight to the airbox. Likewise, cowl hoods provide extra ventilation by driving out heat from the engine bay. For additional sturdiness, we recommend lightweight carbon fiber hoods.

Front Splitter: A front splitter gives muscle cars that aggressive look. It’s also a great addition if you display your pony car at auto shows. Aside from the visual appeal, a front splitter also provides improved drag-to-power and downforce-to-weight ratio.

We’ll Mod Your Pony Car

Bring your pony car to Northwest Performance and Off Road. Our auto service can retrofit your vintage Mustang or make additional modifications. See our special offers for deals that may pertain to your needs. Ford Mustang modifications will give your set of wheels a custom look appropriate to America’s beloved pony car.

Modifications for Pony Cars

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