Should You Upgrade to Wide Tires?

wide tiresYou may have seen exceptionally wide tires on an off-roader or street performance vehicle. What’s the purpose of this, other than making the car look rad? We will discuss the ins and outs of wide tires and whether you should upgrade to beefy wheels.

Definition of a Wide Tire

Look at the tire’s sidewall for a set of numerical and lettered markings. You may see a marking like P225/55R16. The 225 is the tire’s width in millimeters. A tire is wide if it exceeds the width of the original stock tires for your specific car model.

Why Upgrade?

Various factors determine whether wide tires are appropriate for your vehicle. Do you want to improve your Jeep Wrangler’s rock-crawling ability? Do you want to improve traction on the racetracks for your Dodge Challenger? Wide tires prove advantageous in a number of scenarios. For instance, they:

  • Improve acceleration and traction
  • Roll less when turning in a tight corner
  • Grip better when braking hard—this is especially true with dry road surfaces.
  • Provide a more low-profile appearance

The Disadvantages

Unless you intend to use for your car for specific types of driving, such as serious off-roading or racing, then you don’t need wide tires. Bigger tires present problems of their own. These include:

  • Increased road noise
  • Increased risk of hydroplaning on wet surfaces
  • Increased friction, because wider tires have a greater surface contact with the road.
  • Not fitting inside the wheel wells, which will require extensive modifications to the car’s undercarriage
  • Reduced turning radius
  • Reduced fuel efficiency, because they’re heavier and less aerodynamic.

We Do Wide Tire Installations

If you’re an avid racer or off-road enthusiast, then bring your car to Northwest Performance and Off Road. Your vehicle may benefit from tire modifications. Our auto service can install wide tires for 4x4s and muscle cars.

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