Enhance Your Truck with a Bull Bar

auto service in EverettHeavy-duty pickup trucks such as the Ram 1500 and Ford F-150 can always use some extra “padding.” This is where a bull bar comes in handy, especially for off-roaders. Can your truck benefit from a sturdy protective bar?

What Is a Bull Bar?

A bull bar is an add-on that goes over the grille. As you can probably guess from the name, it consists of extra-durable steel tubing with a powder coating and polished finish.

The bar protects the grille against fender benders or impacts against stationary objects, such as boulders and tree trunks. Even more importantly, it protects the driver and passengers. In an impact, the bar transfers the collision force away from the front panel and directs it to the frame. The frame contains solid heavy steel that is far sturdier than the softer metal that makes up the panel. By transferring the energy from the panel to the frame, the truck comes to a less abrupt stop. Abrupt stopping from a collision is a primary cause of whiplash injury.

Our auto service routinely installs bull bars on commercial fleet trucks. Various hardhat industries invest in the bars for front-end protection of their vehicles.

Bull Bar Vs. Grille Guard

While similar, a bull bar is not the same as a grille guard. The two appear similar and even have nearly identical functions. Bull bars tend to have an A-shaped frame, whereas grille guards have an H-shaped frame. The latter may also come with extended brush guards to protect the headlights.

We Install Both Bar Types

Bring your truck to Northwest Performance and Off Road, and we’ll beef it up with extra frontal protection. Our auto repair center has serviced various personal and commercial trucks. Many of the repairs stem from damage that could have been averted if a bull bar had been in place.

Truck Modifications and Reinforcements

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