How to Safely Reduce Vehicle Base Weight

reduce vehicle base weightAs you incorporate add-ons to your vehicle, its weight goes up. For performance car owners who wants to own the fastest possible set of wheels, this presents a dilemma. One solution that will compensate for this weight gain is to reduce the vehicle base weight. We’ll list some parts you can remove without drastically affecting function.

Weight Reduction Increases Speed

You can shave about 1/10th of a second off your lap time for every 100-pound reduction in weight. That may seem miniscule, but for avid racers, every little bit makes a difference. In addition, cars will also experience about a one horsepower increase for every 18-pounds you remove.

We do advise car owners to be strategic about what they take out. To maintain optimal handling, aim for an even 50/50 weight reduction in the front and rear. A car with uneven weight may not have maximum momentum when entering and exiting the apex of a turn.

Car Parts You Can Remove

Seats: This includes the front and rear seats, their cushions, seatbelts, and brackets. Of course, passengers will no longer be able to tag along, but you’ll remove some hefty weight.

Floor Mats: Removing all four floor mats only shaves off about four pounds, and you’ll attract mud on the floor. However, this is an easy way to remove unnecessary weight.

Radio and Speakers: Sure, commutes will be blander without buzzing music. However, removing the radio and speakers will subtract about 20-pounds.

Spare Tire: This includes the tire itself, the jack, lug wrench, and the tire trunk liner. You can always phone AAA if you end up with a flat tire.

We Reduce Vehicle Base Weight for all Models

Whether you own a muscle car or off-roader, bring your automobile to Northwest Performance and Off Road. Our auto service can reduce vehicle base weight by safely removing excess car parts.

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