Five Low-Cost Car Mods Under $100

low cost car mods, inexpensive modificationsCar modifications don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can improve both your vehicle’s performance and aesthetics without breaking the bank. Here are some low-cost car mods that usually cost no more than $100.

1. Air Intake Filter

An aftermarket air intake filter is an especially good, yet inexpensive, modification for off-road performance. Dirt-heavy trails mean that more debris enters the engine cabin. Manufacturers design factory filters mainly for regular road conditions. Low-cost aftermarket filters, though, use media filtration technology that blocks dirt while improving airflow.

2. Exhaust Muffler

An aftermarket exhaust muffler is not as expensive as most people think it is. Of course, it varies, but most non-factory mufflers are low-cost yet come in sleek designs that add horsepower. It’s also an inexpensive way to create that roaring engine noise street performance car owners love.

3. Grab Handles

Grab handles are inexpensive modifications that off-road passengers will appreciate. Off-road trails make for a bumpy ride; having something to hold onto makes the commute a little less rough. These low-cost handles also make entering and exiting the vehicle easier if it’s higher off the ground.

4. Light Bulbs

You have an assortment of options regarding bulb replacement. Most car owners opt for brighter and energy-efficient LEDs. All the aftermarket bulbs our auto service installs are street-legal. We also have low-cost off-road lighting mods.

5. Car Door Lights

This is a new trend for muscle and luxury cars. This is a simple light you add at the door’s base that automatically comes on when you open the door. This lights the floor and is useful when exiting the vehicle on a dimly lit street.

We Install Low-Cost Car Mods

Stop by Northwest Performance and Off Road to see what modification options are available for your type of vehicle. You can make performance-enhancing modifications with low-cost car mods in the double or low triple-digit price range.

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