Tow Strap Vs Recovery Strap: What’s the Difference?

tow strap vs recovery strap, tow strap, recovery strapOur modifications for off-road vehicles include additions that enhance towing capability. SUVs like the Jeep Wrangler are made for towing less capable cars out of ditches and rough terrain. This nitty-gritty task requires either a tow strap or recovery strap. So, tow strap vs recovery strap; which should you use?

What Is a Tow Strap?

The two straps are not interchangeable; each one has its own specific application. You use a tow strap for just that—towing a freely moving vehicle. The characteristics of tow straps also differ from recovery straps. The former consists of non-stretchable polyester with metal hooks on the end.

The non-stretchable characteristic is why you cannot use them for recovery. Excessive pulling force can cause the strap to snap, causing the metal hook to be propelled in the driver’s direction. Tow straps need to remain taught with minimal slack. Too much stretching and contracting creates dangerous jerking motions.

What Is a Recovery Strap?

You use recovery straps for extricating a trapped vehicle. Examples include a car stuck deep in mud or snow. The strap is made from stretchable nylon fabric with the end attached to the recovery vehicle’s anchor shackles. The end consists of loops and never metal hooks.

Recovery straps have since replaced outdated chain straps. The latter are heavier and more prone to snapping. The recovery strap’s material delivers a strong but controlled tug. The kinetic force from the stretch provides the bulk of the pulling power.

Tow strap vs recovery strap? For frequent off-roaders, we recommend carrying both tow and recovery straps in the back of your car. This way, you can act as a good Samaritan and bring a stranded motorist’s car to the nearest auto repair shop.

We Enhance Vehicles for Tow Strap and Recovery Strap Application

Our auto service can install reinforced anchor shackles, towing balls, and tow bar hitches for off-roaders. Bring your car to Northwest Performance and Off Road to increase tow strap and recovery strap capability.

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