Does Your Car Require Performance Brakes?

performance brakes, racing brakesUnless you race your car on tracks, performance racing brakes are not necessary. For weekend racers, they are an absolute must. Find out why aftermarket brakes are a necessity for street performance cars.

Why Stock Brakes Are Insufficient

OEM brakes are susceptible to what is known as brake fade under racing conditions. Brakes disperse a car’s kinetic energy as thermal energy. Overuse can result in loss of effectiveness. Performance brakes can more effectively dissipate heat build-up.

How Are Performance Brakes Superior?

Performance brakes come in various styles, but all of them withstand greater heat buildup. Some utilize braided stainless steel with a polyurethane jacket for the brake lines. This provides more rigidity than the rubber hose in a standard brake system.

Other upgrades include slotted and cross-drilled rotors. These more efficiently remove heat because of increased airflow.

Acquire from a Trustworthy Supplier

Performance racing brakes are only superior if you acquire them from a reliable source. Some aftermarket brakes are known to wear prematurely. Slotted rotors, for example, are more prone to cracking and warping due to the gouges and perforations in the metal.

Due to the extreme stress performance brakes and rotors endure on racetracks, they require more auto servicing.

Do I Need Performance Brakes?

In essence, we recommend performance brakes if the following applies to you:

  • Your stock brakes overheated on a track. The smell of burned rubber is a dead giveaway of overheated brakes.
  • You regularly race and the stock brakes give out in less than a year.
  • You increased engine power by at least 20%, such as by adding a turbocharger.

We Install High-Quality Performance Brakes

If you have a need for speed, then bring your car to Northwest Performance and Off Road. We do the same brake modifications for off-road performance vehicles, which may require performance brakes under rough off-trail conditions.

Brake Enhancement and Maintenance

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