Can Your Car Benefit from a Raised Air Intake?

raised air intakeFor optimum off-road performance, one worthy modification is a raised air intake. This may boost engine performance if you frequently drive on dirt and muddy tracks. Here’s how to tell whether this add-on is right for your pickup truck or 4×4.

What Is a Raised Air Intake?

A raised air intake is exactly what its name suggests. It’s an air intake that’s higher off the floor. Stock intakes are normally located near the front wheel arches, just a few inches above the ground. A raised intake is located flush with the roof or above the roofline. Due to its appearance, some people refer to a raised air intake as a car snorkel.

What Is the Purpose of a Raised Air Intake?

Air that is higher off the floor is cleaner. Air closer to ground level has dirt and other pollutants especially as the tires kick up debris. This makes stock air intakes more likely to allow in dust, causing the filter to clog. A raised intake, being higher off the ground, absorbs cooler air that is free of contaminants and water. This means purer oxygen that mixes with the fuel for more efficient combustion. The end result is more power and torque.

Do I Need a Raised Air Intake?

You may definitely want to consider a raised air intake if you frequently take your four-wheel-drive vehicle off-road. You’ll especially want to consider one if you plan to drive through shallow bodies of water. Water that gets into the air intake can make its way into the engine and cause catastrophic damage.

We Install Raised Air Intake Systems

We install all sorts of aftermarket air intake systems for 4x4s and street performance vehicles. Bring your car to Northwest Performance and Off Road. Our auto service will assess whether a raised air intake is optimal for your off-road requirements.

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