Improve Car Performance with a Lip Kit

lip kit

If you’re exploring various performance modifications for your street car, then you may have come across automotive lip kits. Do these kits work or are they merely aesthetic add-ons? The consensus regarding lip kits is mixed. 

What Are Lip Kits?

A lip kit mainly consists of a spoiler that goes underneath the front bumper and side skirts. The spoiler improves balance and aerodynamic performance. In addition, it may also serve as a barrier that protects from scrapes and bumps. Lip kits are also known as lip spoilers or chin spoilers. 

Does a Lip Kit Work?

Don’t expect the addition of a lip kit to shave minutes or even seconds off your lap time. However, the spoiler does reduce lift and increase down force. It improves aerodynamics by reducing the airflow that passes underneath the vehicle, thus preventing too much drag. This also cuts down on turbulence. Some drivers also notice better handling especially during tight turns. They note that the car feels more solid and stable.

We must emphasize again that the increased performance is not massive, but you may notice subtle improvements in speed.

Lip Kits Vs Body Kits

A lip kit should not be confused with a body kit, though the two share similarities. A body kit is available in different varieties and typically includes a set of aftermarket bumpers and/or spoilers. It may certainly include a lip spoiler among other add-ons.

Body kits may be available as self-installation kits, or you can arrange for installation at your local auto service and maintenance.

We Install Automotive Performance Enhancements

A lip kit is one of many aftermarket parts we install for street performance and off-road vehicles. Bring your car to Northwest Performance and Off-Road for add-ons. These include automotive lip kits and other cost-effective mods that improve performance in subtle but noticeable ways.

Spoiler and Other Performance-Enhancement Installations

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