Is Modifying a Lease Car Allowed?

modifying a leased car

Do you drive a leased car? The car technically still belongs to the dealership. As such, this drastically limits what you’re allowed to do with the vehicle. With respects to modifying a leased car, what is and isn’t permissible?

What’s Allowed?

We can’t give you a universal answer because every lease contract is different. Always review the terms and conditions. Just to be sure, you could also contact your dealership and enquire whether the desired modification is allowed.

Generally, major modifications, such as adding an aftermarket air intake or performance brakes on a street performance car, are out of the question. However, some mods that are reversible might be okay.

Again, always speak with your dealership. We have, however, performed the following modifications on leased vehicles:

  • Tow bar: This is usually an acceptable addition for off-road performance cars.
  • Dashboard camera: This is usually allowed because it’s a safety feature that could help you avoid a collision. In fact, most modifications meant to protect a vehicle are usually okay.
  • Roof rack: Most overhead car racks are easy to install and remove. Therefore, they’re usually permissible.
  • Car decals and wraps: These are common on leased commercial fleet vehicles for advertising purposes.

Be Mindful of Wear and Tear

Cost of damage on a leased vehicle that’s beyond normal wear and tear comes out of your pocket. This is where you have to be careful with modifications. Installation and removal of add-ons may cause damage. For this reason, we suggest installation and deinstallation by a professional rather than trying to do the job yourself.

We Modify Leased Cars

Our auto service performs modifications on your vehicle to the extent it is allowed under your leasing terms. Bring your car to Northwest Performance and Off Road for mods and maintenance. We are occasionally modifying a leased car for clients who are requesting modest add-ons.

Modifications for All Car Types

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